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Please send a letter in support of Senate Bill 962 (formally SB 877)

Senate Bill 962 (formally SB 877) is the new POE/POU legislation authored by Senator Joel Anderson. This bill would allow utilities of up to 2,500 hookups to use point of use technology to treat water for health contaminants. (The current level is 250.) If passed this should create more opportunity for water treatment dealers to win business.

PWQA is requesting letters of support for SB 962 by Wednesday, February 1st. You can download the letter of support by clicking here and send them directly to Senator Anderson. Please CC: PWQA & Pete Conaty's Office your letter of support for our records.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on SB 962.

Link to SB 962:

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete your letter of support of SB 962.


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